Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy governs the use of cookie files (storing and accessing cookie files on the user’s device) on the Hachi S.A. website, administrated by Hachi S.A. seated in Warsaw,  al. Wilanowska 7/2, 02-765, entered into the registry of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register for the Capital City of Warsaw, in Warsaw, XIIth Economic Division of the National Court Register, under the number KRS: 426650, Tax identification number: NIP 7010324647, with a share capital of PLN 295 000.00 paid in full.


Cookies are small, individual text files sent by websites and downloaded by the user’s computer. The information that these files contain can be accessed only by the website that has generated the given file. This means that websites cannot access any other files on the user’s computer this way.

Cookie files on the Hachi S.A. website allow the website to recognise the user and recall their preferences, take advantage of user accounts, and display ads relevant to the user’s ‘interests.

Examples of cookie files usage on the Hachi S.A. website:


  • Gathering display statistics with the use of Google Analytics


The Hachi S.A website takes advantage two types of cookie files:


  • session cookies – remain on the user’s device only as long as the user continues to browse the website, or until they deactivate the software (web browser)
  • persistent cookies – remain on the user’s device for a period specified in the file, or until manually deleted by the user.


Activities connected with storing and sending cookie files are handled by web the browser software, and are not visible to the user. Most web browsers accept cookies by default. Users can allow or refuse accepting cookies by changing their browser’s settings. Depending on the particular browser type, users might be able to configure more specific cookie file rules, e.g. by blocking cookies from particular websites, blocking specific cookie files, or removing individual cookie files from the user’s device. If the user’s web browser accepts particular cookie files, the user effectively accepts using these cookie files pursuant to the binding provisions of Polish law.

Specific instructions on the means of determining cookie storage rules are available on the relevant software developer’s website, particularly:

Internet Explorer:

Microsoft Edge:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:



If you don’t wish to use cookie files or if you delete them from you web browser’s memory, some of the functions of the website may not operate properly or at all. If you wish to take advantage of

All of the website’s the functions we recommend that you enable storage of and access to cookie files.