How it works


  • Take advantage of word and phrase suggestions to type messages (and texts) easier, as well as to write Wall posts.
  • Adjust the message screen and typing functions to your needs.
  • Use the app to get in touch with stores and service providers.
  • Create your own dictionaries and download new ones from the community


  • Choose a custom appearance with app themes.
  • Add more photos to your profile.


  • Use your Wall to share news and images with your friends.
  • Comment, post, and participate in public discussions.
  • Meet new people and follow your friends in the app.
  • Follow company profiles and stay up to date with the latest news.
  • Use the app for business communications.


  • Find out who looked at your profile.
  • Keep track of an unrestricted history of visits to your profile.

Friendly business

  • Create a profile for your business in the app to reach your customers more effectively.
  • Exchange private messages with your customers directly from your company’s profile.
  • Respond to your customers’ questions and comments under your Wall posts.
  • Add a ParrotOne icon to your website so that customers can easily reach you.


  • Manage customers and browse statistics from an admin panel using your web browser.
  • Promote your posts to make sure that they reach more potential customers.
  • Take advantage of the same premium functions that private users have access to.


Create dictionary

Adjust the on-screen suggestions to your needs, by choosing the languages in which you want to communicate with other users.

Take advantage of word and phrase suggestions to make your communications easier, faster, and more effective.

Build and improve your dictionary during your conversations, by adding words that you want to use.

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Coming soon:

Support other users by sharing dictionaries that you made – it’s really easy:

log in to your account by clicking the link in the site header and follow the instructions

download and develop the available dictionaries or build your own from scratch

you can improve the available dictionaries, translate them to other languages, or add entirely new ones to the app

Report an error in the application

If you find an error in the app, you can really help us by reporting it using the contact form.

try to describe the error in detail

make sure to mention when it occurred, and what device you were using

you can also attach a screenshot of the problem if you want to

We really appreciate your help, because it lets us make ParrotOne better.

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Don’t hesitate the contact form to get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide any additional information that you need, and answer all your questions.

have you got any questions about the app?

would you like to suggest additional functions and solutions?

do you need technical assistance?

or maybe you’re a business interested in cooperation?

Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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