We are developing an intelligent messenger app that makes typing easier for disabled people, seniors, and children. Users can learn foreign languages while they communicate (translation engine), the messages are encrypted, and there are no ads.

Awards and prizes


The same predictive text system and translator function across all devices.


Optional use with such services as GMail and SMS.


User friendly interface, no ads, and encrypt conversations.


Quick and easy chatting.

Designed for the disabled and the elderly, our communication app and smart touch keyboard make typing easier – on average 60% fewer clicks are needed to send a message.


Functions and user interface adjusted to the limitations of people with less agile hands. As you use ParrotOne, our AI makes your typing faster over time.


ParrotOne lets you create messages with much less effort. You can conveniently choose pre-made messages and words on the screen, which limits arduous typing in favour of user-friendly message building.


The entire area of the screen can be used for typing – this makes the process less screenful, and prevents the user from making spelling mistakes, because the app assists with punctuation and diacritical marks. Spaces, full stops, and caps appear exactly where you need them.

Absolute privacy

In an era of wiretaps and personal data theft, privacy is more important than ever. ParrotOne puts privacy first, so all conversations are encrypted. Your communication via the app is safe from spying or eavesdropping attempts, and no personal data are required in the registration process. To make things even more convenient for our users, ParrotOne can be used with a Google or Facebook account (though the app has no access to the user’s profile).

Lines of code

To make sure that ParrotOne helps you build error-free messages.

Hours of testing

So that you can immediately translate your messages into other languages.

Terms in the database

For you to write anything you want, and in any way you need – our dictionary is limitless!

Available phrases

With our pre-made phrases, you can send messages quickly, and typing becomes much easier.

Integrated translator

All predictive-text suggestions can be correctly translated into a selected language in just a single click. This way the user learns foreign languages in a simple and intuitive way while communicating.


All you need to do is select text in your language, and the internal translation system will help you form grammatically correct sentences in any of the other available languages. Naturally, this works both ways – your interlocutor can translate messages from their language just as easily. Additional languages will be added over time.

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